Design & Programming

Yan is a senior electronics engineer with 20 years of electronic & industrial experience. He specializes in creating electronic products combined with art. As our creator, he designs our Nixie/VFD clocks. He enjoys working with LED displays as well. Yan is in-charge of designing and assembling our PCBs, electronics parts and our customized enclosures. All of his designs are displayed here at nixieclocks.shop.

International Sales & Marketing

Shawn is a Nixie Tube enthusiast. He loves everything vintage and enjoys collecting them. As a marketer, Shawn endeavors to make our Nixie Clocks a centerpiece in every collectors’ home. He provides service, handles all customer queries, technical questions as well as international sales including Japan & Korea.

U.S. Partner

Dr. Fang is currently situated in San Francisco, Bay Area focusing on AR development. He operates our sister web store serving in the U.S., serving local customers exclusively. Dr. Fang is a full stack software/hardware engineer, well-versed in embedded systems, mechanics, mobile development, web design & linux programming. Apart from the usual work stuff, Dr. Fang works with Yan to improve our Nixie Clocks.