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Nixie Tube Clocks

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I first learned of this type of clock having see one appear in the Netflix series ‘Travelers’. Having researched the most comprehensively specified Nixie clock available it quickly became obvious that this was the site which would satisfy that criteria. Although it took five weeks for my clock to arrive from China to the UK the wait was indeed worth it. A superbly crafted product with great attention to detail makes this a conversation piece with anyone that sees it and is a unique addition to any home or office. The specification is comprehensive and there is a multitude of settings to tailor the look and operation of the clock that is controlled with the convenience of a small remote control. The item was well packaged for such a delicate item so you have no worries about the possibility of it being damaged in transit. The clock is a sheer delight and receives my full recommendation. You will not be disappointed with its unique design and performance.

YAKIMA / Omnixie (Verified Owner)

I heared about your clocks from a friend of mine, who bought a clock from your website.
Within 2 weeks I bought my own after some email and questions to your customer service/ Shawn.
I received my Omnixiesmart wifi clock yesterday ( well packed )and what a beauty it is.
When you have plans to buy an Nixie clock , do not hesitate and buy it here.
Their service is great and ……….. of course their clocks are unique and fantastic

LYNDON / Omnixie (Verified Owner)

This nixie clock is really a piece of art, it fits beautiful in both an modern and classic interior. The base of this clock has a very high quality finish, both the wood s well as the aluminum top plate look like if they where made by hand. I bought the clock with IN-18 tubes, which were brand new by the way. Putting the clock together is easy, place the tubes in their socket connect the power cable and you are good to go. The user manual gives you step by step instructions on how to setup the clock via your smartphone or computer. When connected to your home WiFi just configure the clock to your personal taste, there are quite a few options to personalize it. Imho this clock is well worth its money.

Buying this clock was also an experience that is worth mentioning. The Nixie Clocks Shop sales person answered all my questions promptly, helped in finding the best shipping option both in price and delivery time.

PETER / Omnixie Plus (Verified Owner)