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Omnixie Smart WiFi Clock has the slimmest nixie clock base in the market. It comes with WiFi synchronization, automatic functions such as auto-brightness, self synchronization and daily color settings for LED. All Omnixie Clocks come with 100% authentic brand-new 1990s USSR, American & German made Nixie tubes. Up to 6 tubes to choose from.

All Omnixie Nixie Clock set comes with,

  1. 1 x Omnixie clock with wood finishing of your choice
  2. 1 x USB 5V power adapter.
  3. 1 x Micro-USB power cable.
  4. 1 x IR remote controller.
  5. 6 x Nixie Tubes of your choice.

Check out the full description below for more information on its functions and technical specifications.



Omnixie Smart WiFi Clock

What is it?

Omnixie Smart WiFi Clock as the name suggests, is a WiFi synchronized Nixie Clock with automatic functions such as auto-brightness, self synchronization and daily color settings for LED. Omnixie has the slimmest Nixie Clock base in the market therefore, allowing the base of the Nixie tubes to be seen which brings out the beauty of the Nixie tubes in its entirety.

The tubes

You are able to choose from our selection of 6 types of Nixie Tubes to go with your clock, gold-plated connectors ensure stable and reliable connection with easy tube replacement and rotation.

All tubes are 100% authentic brand-new 1990s USSR, American & German made Nixie tubes and they come with pins for easy plug-and-play installation. Hence, should you require a replacement for your existing tubes, simply pull out and plug in a new set of tubes to continue hence, no soldering required.

The base

Most clocks in the market have a bulky base and undermines the letter size of the Nixie tubes so, to truly showcase the beauty of the Nixie tubes, we have completely redesigned the housing to give the clock a slim 6mm thick base with 3 part finish for a more modern, clean, premium and high-quality feel.

The base housing is made with Aluminum alloy panel on the top, with carbon gray anodizing, 600 mesh drawing process and high light edge processing. The bottom is made with 304 stainless steel with wire drawing and the peripherals are made with all natural wood and comes in either Bamboo, Beech or north america black walnut (Ebony).

Tube Replacement/Using your own tube

Our special design enables you to replace your tubes or use any spare tubes you have at home on the Nixie clock. Simply plug in the Nixie tubes and you’re good to go.

If you need a Nixie clock base for your existing tubes, let us know which model of tubes you are using and we can send the clock base with gold plated pins for your convenience in plugging into our Omnixie clock base.


Our Omnixie Smart WiFi Nixie Clock operates differently from your traditional button-adjusted Nixie clocks, our clock doesn’t come with any buttons and we have migrated the operation of the clocks to our IR remote control and WiFi controls.

To match the premium design, we have included a WiFi module to allow for auto synchronization of the date and time with NTP servers for higher accuracy (NTP time accuracy is approximately 1-50ms).

The same NTP protocol used to synchronize the time on your computer, all you need to is connect your clock to your router for the first time and the clock will handle the rest; or you may choose the fastest NTP server based on your location (WiFi connection is only needed for initial set-up, no recurring connections needed on your part.). In other words, maintaining better time accuracy as compared to traditional time modules.

Enhanced Features

Automatic/Custom Brightness

Omnixie Smart WiFi clock uses a visible light sensor, the light-sensitive resistor effectively filters infra-red light and collects visible natural light to control the brightness of the Nixie tubes. The clock also comes with 8 brightness levels for the Nixie tubes and back lights, which can either be custom or set to automatic adjustments according to ambient light conditions.

Phonetic Chip

The Omnixie Smart WiFi clock comes with a built-in phonetic chip to support speech system in English, Chinese, Japanese and German; and can trigger any time with a push of a button on IR remote or set to automatic speech at regular intervals.

Infra-red Remote Control & Power Supply

Every Omnixie Smart WiFi Clock comes with an Infra-red remote control and 5V power adapter and USB power supply.

WiFi Connectivity

The Omnixie supports DHCP settings for external network access, supports mDNS for browser domain name access, supports SSDP for fast network discovery.

For the various settings of the Nixie clock, we provided a new setting interface, users can access their Omnixie clock dashboard to configuration of all the Omnixie features through any web browser, including iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. For more information, please refer to the installation manual.

Other Features

1.      OTA firmware upgrade The system firmware can be upgraded directly through the Web interface & WiFi (no physical connection to computer)
2.     4 alarms 4 individually configurable alarm clocks, supports snooze function, weekend activation optional.
3.     Music key tone and alarm Variety of key tone sound effects for easy setting confirmation. 12 kinds of alarm music, the alarm volume can be set independently.
4.     Switch On/Off automatically On and Off time can be set to extend tube lifespan.
5.     IR remote IR remote controller operation.
6.     Adjustable Volume 8 volume levels. Independent Alarm volume, mute function does not affect the alarm sound.
7.      Digits transition effects 1. Normal 2. Fade in-out 3. Crossfading 4. Slot machine.
8.     Transition speed adjustable 10 speeds available for transition.
9.     Colons effects 1. Fade in-out 2. Blinking 3. Always on 4. Always off
10.  Background light effects 1. Always on 2. Fade in-out 3. Always off
11.   Background light color scheme 14 types of background light color scheme can be configured.
12.   Time Display Supports 12 or 24 hour displays
13.   Rotatable & Replaceable Tubes Simple Plug-n-Play design enables easy replacement and rotation of tubes (No Soldering)

Technical Specifications

Power input Micro-USB
Voltage DC 5V
Current 700mA Max
WiFi standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency range 2.412GHz – 2.484GHz
Antenna Built-in PCB


Length x Breadth x Height –  192mm x 62mm x 6mm
Tube height – 40mm-55mm
Base housing material Aluminum Alloy, Natural Wood、304 Stainless Steel base
Operation temperature 0℃ to 60℃ (32℉ to 140 ℉)
Weight 240g

Each Set contains:

  1. Omnixie clock with wood finishing of your choice
  2. USB 5V power adapter
  3. Micro-USB power cable
  4. IR remote controller
  5. 6 x Nixie Tubes of your choice

Download Instruction Manual after your purchase in the “order confirmation” page or simply log into your account and download from “Downloads” at your convenience.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 330 × 170 × 140 mm
Base Material

Bamboo, Beech, Black Walnut

Tube Selection

IN-14, IN-8-2, Z570M, ZM1080, NL-5441, NL-841, No Tubes

3 reviews for Nixie Clock Omnixie Smart WiFi Clock

  1. Lyndon (verified owner)

    I heared about your clocks from a friend of mine, who bought a clock from your website.
    Within 2 weeks I bought my own after some email and questions to your customer service/ Shawn.
    I received my Omnixiesmart wifi clock yesterday ( well packed )and what a beauty it is.
    When you have plans to buy an Nixie clock , do not hesitate and buy it here.
    Their service is great and ……….. of course their clocks are unique and fantastic

  2. Yakima (verified owner)

    I first learned of this type of clock having see one appear in the Netflix series ‘Travelers’. Having researched the most comprehensively specified Nixie clock available it quickly became obvious that this was the site which would satisfy that criteria. Although it took five weeks for my clock to arrive from China to the UK the wait was indeed worth it. A superbly crafted product with great attention to detail makes this a conversation piece with anyone that sees it and is a unique addition to any home or office. The specification is comprehensive and there is a multitude of settings to tailor the look and operation of the clock that is controlled with the convenience of a small remote control. The item was well packaged for such a delicate item so you have no worries about the possibility of it being damaged in transit. The clock is a sheer delight and receives my full recommendation. You will not be disappointed with its unique design and performance.

  3. liangwu.gwee

    After looking at numerous nixie clocks I chose this one. I liked the design and they make a few of them so I was a bit more confident in the components and warranty than a one off design.

    I am very happy with the clock. You can see that care and attention to detail was taken in it’s construction. It’s not the cheapest clock but you can tell it takes time to make it. The tubes have a nice warm glow. Setup is easy.

    I’m very happy with the purchase.

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