DIY Soldering kit for IV-11 VFD Nixie Tube Clock

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SGD $190.43

This is the DIY version for the IV-11 VFD Tube Clock

VFD Tube Clocks come with 100% authentic brand new IV-11 VFD tube made in USSR between 1980s-1990s and are out of production. The glass body is cylindrical with 22.5mm diameter, side display, 11 fly pins (8 anodes corresponding to 7 segments and 1 decimal point, 1 grid pin, and 2 filament pins).

The base housing is made with real hard wood frame for stability and character; and laser-cut black opaque acrylic for the top and bottom cover to effectively bring out the glow from the tubes and LED. The base houses the gold plated PCB, and RGB LED Back Light.

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